ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With people being isolated at home, many opted to adopt or foster a new pet. It resulted in an increased demand for veterinary services and often longer wait times. Our hospitals remain open 24×7 for Emergencies and our staff is doing their very best to accommodate our patients and clients while adhering to stringent safety protocols. Our staff is required to complete daily Employee Health Self-Assessment before arriving to work, and temperature checks are performed upon entering our hospitals. Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), consistent deep-cleaning, hourly sanitation protocol for high-touch surfaces, and maintenance of safe social distancing guidelines have been implemented at all ACCESS Hospitals.


  • Please wear a mask and maintain safe social distance when interacting with our employees.
  • Refrain from visiting our hospitals if you are experiencing cough, fever, or difficulty breathing.
  • For safety reasons, our lobbies are closed for visitors, and our staff members will meet you and your pet curbside. (*Note: exceptions of owner’s coming into the building are: bathroom usage, rooming clients for euthanasia)


As in human medicine, emergency departments at veterinary hospitals operate on Triage Basis – patients are cared for based on the severity of illness or injury, rather than order of appearance. It may increase wait time for non-life-threatening situations, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Emergency room visit

  • When you arrive for an emergency at ACCESS Los Angeles, ACCESS San Fernando Valley or ACCESS Pasadena, please proceed to the check-in stand/tent located outside the entrance door. For ACCESS South Bay please remain in your car and call 310-320-8300, and a team member will meet you and your pet outside.
  • An emergency room technician will come out to gather the information and asses your pet’s condition. Your pet will be brought into our Emergency treatment room for evaluation and treatment by an emergency room doctor. (We will ask you to remove any collars, harness, and leashes at this time. The tech will use an ACCESS leash to walk the patient in. A carrier is preferred for cats.)
  • Please wait in your car for a doctor’s assistant, or a doctor, to phone you to discuss your pet’s diagnosis and treatment options.
  • If your pet requires additional tests (bloodwork, x-rays, CT, MRI, etc.), or needs to be hospitalized, we will email you a treatment plan, after which a doctor’s assistant will phone you to review the plan and ask for your authorization to proceed.
  • If your pet needs to be hospitalized, you can leave once we receive your authorization via email, and an initial deposit.
  • If your pet is able to go home after medical treatment, a representative from the Client Care team will assist you with check-out.

NOTE: the time between each step can vary based on many factors and is often unpredictable. We know waiting can be difficult and we appreciate your patience. We will do our best to respect your time while providing the best possible care for your pet.

Appointments with a Specialty Doctor

  • Please call on arrival and remain in your car. The phone numbers for each of our hospitals are displayed on the parking signs. (Depending on the hospital you will be asked to relate your parking spot number or describe your car so that our technicians can find you quickly.)
  • A veterinary technician from the designated department will come out to your vehicle to gather the information and to collect your pet.
  • Please remain in your car while the doctor is examining your pet.
  • A doctor will call you to discuss your pet’s diagnosis, additional testing, and/or treatment options.
  • Upon agreeing on the next steps, a doctor’s assistant will email you an estimate and contact you for authorization to proceed.
  • Upon completion of the appointment, we will bring your pet back to your car and email you the discharge paperwork.

Avian & Exotic Pets

(ACCESS – Los Angeles only.)
If you have brought an exotic pet for emergency care, your pet will be evaluated by a doctor in our emergency department. If additional or specialized care is required, we will happily help you schedule an appointment with our Avian & Exotics department for a later date.

Medication Pick-up/Refill

  • Please allow 24-48 hours for medication refills. Once you receive notification that your medication is ready, please call ahead to arrange, make payment, and notify us you are on your way.
  • Please call upon your arrival so a Client Care Representative can have medications ready for an expedited check out process.
  • Existing clients can also use our Online Pharmacy for refills.

Thank You

These are challenging times which can be difficult and exhausting for many, including our staff, so your patience and understanding is always appreciated. Although there are many factors, some of which are unpredictable when it comes to treating pets, rest assured that we’ll always do our best to respect your time while providing you with the level of care and service for which we are known. You matter to us.

Thank you for choosing ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals, and please don’t hesitate to reach out for further information.