We were recently delighted to attend a ‘book launch’, where the author, Dr. Jarred Lyons (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine) shared some of his thoughts, insights and writing, which we thought we’d share with you…


“The novel – ‘SURVIVOR – THE DOG DAYS OF CANCER’ – is a fictitious story about perspectives; a dog’s named Eddie’s perspective while being treated for a tumor, Julia, his owner’s perspective about his treatment, and her memories of her own father going through cancer, and the perspectives of everyone involved in the process of cancer treatment.”

“Writing the book was an exciting and challenging project that allowed me to “get into the mind of a dog” and what I feel my patient’s are thinking while they go through cancer treatment.”

“If only we could deal with cancer like our dogs do, devoid of the mental component of the disease that often proves as challenging as the cancer itself.”

Click here to find out more, and purchase, Dr. Lyon’s book.

Dr. Jarred Lyons is a board certified veterinary radiation oncologist who actively practices veterinary radiation oncology with the Veterinary Cancer Group located at the City of Angels Veterinary Center in Los Angeles.