What we love about many of our doctors at ACCESS is that they are not only excellent veterinarians but also fascinating people. This is true for our cardiologist Dr. Joseph Zarin.

After accepting an offer to join ACCESS Pasadena’s Department of Cardiology, Dr. Zarin decided the best way to travel from his home in Boston to his new job in California was by cycling a few thousand miles across the country.

So, he loaded his camping gear, strapped his guitar to his bicycle, and headed west to upstate New York, the Great Lakes, and Chicago. With the Windy City behind him, he hit the pedals for Minneapolis, then across South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and over the mountains until he reached the Oregon coastline, sixty-nine days later.

Camping on beaches and in the coastal forests, it took another three weeks cycling south along the edge of the Pacific until he finally arrived in his new home in California.

Without a doubt, an adventure like this takes a lot of heart, know-how, commitment, effort, and perseverance – many of the necessary values required for an excellent cardiologist.

To find out more about how Dr. Zarin can help your pet with cardiovascular care, ask your primary veterinarian for a referral to Dr. Zarin or contact him at ACCESS – Pasadena.

He’s here for you.