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Advanced Veterinary Imaging Services

Located at ACCESS – Los Angeles, the Radiology Department provides a diverse range of high quality veterinary diagnostic imaging. Our imaging services opened in 2005 under the name of Southern California Veterinary Imaging (SCVI). In 2022 SCVI merged with ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals.

CT Scan

ACCESS Radiology CT Scan


Computed Tomography (CT) scans use X-rays to acquire three-dimensional, cross sectional images of the body with high contrast resolution. This makes a CT scan an excellent diagnostic test to identify disease in the pet’s thorax, nasal cavity, and abdomen. CT scans are a useful modality for evaluation soft tissues and bone in one diagnostic locale. It’s very effective in detecting soft tissue nodules (metastasis).

Anesthesia is required to perform a CT scan because the patient must be completely motionless for the duration of the CT scan. The actual time to acquire images during the scan is very short, usually less than one minute. The whole procedure, including placing a catheter, anesthesia, and recovery time, can take one to two hours.




Ultrasound, in conjunction with radiography, is the most common diagnostic imaging procedure used to detect and monitor disease. Ultrasound uses sound waves at different frequencies to image the heart and internal abdominal features, providing excellent detail of soft tissue structures.

Ultrasound offers a non-invasive method for the diagnosis and staging of many diseases. Ultrasound technology does not utilize radiation which means it does not have any harmful or cumulative side effects on the patient. In most cases sedation is not necessary. In addition, we offer outpatient ultrasound as a convenience for our patients.

Digital Radiology

ACCESS - Digital radiology


Digital radiology enhances traditional X-ray technology to acquire the image, but the new technology digitizes the images which allows to view them from anywhere at any time. The digital images can also be adjusted after they are taken, allowing our radiologists to scrutinize the images even further.

Our Radiology Department uses the top-of-the-line Eklin Digital Imaging System with Merge technology that merges all of our imaging technology onto one server. This means we can compare multiple sets of radiographs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs side by side on the same computer monitor from anywhere where internet is available.

This technology also allows us to offer instant visualization of digital radiographs at all our partner practices across the country allowing them to review their x-rays in-house, while a second review of the radiographs can be conducted by one of our board-certified radiologist.

Abdominal ultrasounds and thoracic radiographs are excellent screening tests for middle-aged to older pets for detection of disease at an early treatable stage.

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