Welcome to the Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine at ACCESS Animal Hospitals.
When your pet is feeling sick, and it’s not clear why, it might be time to turn to the detectives of the veterinary industry – Internal Medicine Doctors. In addition to four years of veterinary school, these doctors underwent a year of intensive internship and three years of specialized residency training. They have the expertise and the necessary tools to identify and treat obscure and complex conditions that can affect one of your pet’s internal organs or an entire bodily system.

Internal Medicine areas of diagnosis:
• Endocrinology (glands and their function)
• Gastroenterology (diseases of the digestive organs)
• Urology (the study of urinary functions and genitourinary tract)
• Immunology and Hematology (disorders of the immune system, bone marrow, and blood)
• Pulmonary Disorders (diseases of the lungs)
• Hepatobiliary conditions (diseases of the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas)
• Reproductive issues

All our hospitals are equipped with advanced technology that enables our doctors to perform complex diagnostic procedures such as fiber optic endoscopy, bronchoscopy, ultrasonography, and many more.

Our internal medicine doctors have expertise in the following:
• Bronchoscopy
• Endoscopy
• Gastroscopy and colonoscopy
• Rhinoscopy
• Continuous interstitial glucose monitoring
• Enteral and parenteral nutrition
• Advanced contrast studies utilizing fluoroscopy
• Cystoscopy

The Department of Internal Medicine is available at all four of our hospitals:
• ACCESS Los Angeles (7 days a week):
• ACCESS South Bay (7 days a week):
• ACCESS San Fernando Valley (Mon – Sat)
• ACCESS Pasadena (7 days a week)

The extensive training of our internal medicine doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases and pathologies, combined with our advanced medical technology, makes ACCESS the ideal specialty animal hospital for your pet.