Cockatiels, tortoises, and rabbits—oh my!

The Department of Avian and Exotic Pets at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Los Angeles provides seven day a week comprehensive medical care for pet rabbits, ferrets, lizards, rats, hamsters, cockatoos, tortoises, macaws, snakes, parakeets, turtles, newts, and other wonderful exotic creatures.

We offer routine care, emergency visits, and advanced medical care, as well as referrals from your family veterinarian for complex cases. Our hospital is also open 24×7 for walk-in emergency care.

Just like dogs and cats, avian and exotic pets should be seen for routine annual wellness exams and not just when they are sick. This is extremely important for pets such as birds and rabbits who tend to mask signs of illness until disease is advanced. Even subtle differences in their behavior, such as decreased appetite and activity levels, should be addressed as soon as possible. Preventative care is vitally important and can be discussed with your primary veterinarian. In addition to routine care such as blood tests, infectious disease screening, and nail trims, yearly medical examinations are more likely to identify problems before they become life-threatening.

Our Avian and Exotic pet doctors, can also provide advanced procedures such as surgery, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and endoscopy, including working with other ACCESS specialists to ensure your avian and exotic pet always has access to cutting-edge, high-quality treatment, care and compassion.

Additionally, our Doctors are on call 24×7 to provide their unique qualifications, experience and skills to assist the ACCESS Emergency and Critical Care team when required.

In short, they’re here for you and your unique pet.