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Kathleen Ayl, Psy.D


After receiving her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Ayl became certified as a Specialist in Grief Recovery and has dedicated her practice entirely to Pet Loss Recovery and Veterinary Team Support.

She is an author, consultant, lecturer and support group facilitator. Her latest book, “When Helping Hurts, Compassion Fatigue and The Veterinary Care Profession” has gained a national literary award in the area of business commentary.

Additionally, Dr. Ayl has written several articles for publication in Pulse magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Seattle Times and The Pet Press. She has been a guest speaker on Dog Talk Radio, Cat Chat Radio, Animals’ Today Radio, Atomic Dog Radio and KCLU/NPR, an award winning radio station in Southern California. Dr. Ayl has also been interviewed on camera regarding pet loss and grief by both NBC and FOX11. She has taught and lectured at several national and international veterinary organizations as well as various colleges and universities with a focus on coaching veterinarians and their teams on compassion fatigue and pet loss support.

Dr. Ayl enjoys doing volunteer activities in her spare time as a way of giving back to a career she says has brought her a great deal of fulfillment. She also enjoys nature; cooking for her loved ones and spending time with her animals. A long time practitioner of mindfulness training and meditation, Dr. Ayl values and appreciates being on the Board of Directors of a non-denominational, spiritual organization, which honors all cultural, religious and spiritual backgrounds while dedicating itself to world healing and growth.