Ian Wachowiak, DVM, (practice limited to neurology)


Dr. Ian Wachowiak was born in Chicago, but his mom’s pursuit of a warmer climate took him to Knoxville, TN and Austin, TX. Growing up with two Bengal cats, Ian always felt a connection to animals and knew from a very early age that he wanted to become a veterinarian.

After high school Ian moved back to Chicago, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Chicago. While studying for his degree, he worked as a veterinary technician at a local vet clinic. His nomadic soul demanded an adventure, and Ian journeyed to the Caribbean Island of Grenada, where he attended veterinary school at St. George’s University. Here in Grenada, he developed an interest in neurology, a love for the outdoors, and learned to play the ukulele.

For his last year of the veterinary program, Ian returned to the United States and attended Washington State University. Following his graduation with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree, Dr. Wachowiak completed a one-year rotating internship at Colorado State University, followed by a neurology internship at Michigan State University.

Ian continued honing his skills in neurology and neurosurgery while also participating in research and teaching during his 3-year residency program at Michigan State University and Colorado State University.

While Dr. Wachowiak finds all aspects of neurology fascinating, he is particularly interested in disc herniation, epilepsy, and dyskinesia (a.k.a. movement disorder).

Ian’s zest for learning doesn’t stop with his professional interests. Over the years, he developed a variety of hobbies and is always up for trying new things. Ian grew up playing the piano; he was a marathon runner in high school, a break-dancer, and a professional video gamer in college. These days, Dr. Wachowiak prefers more tranquil activities, such as hiking, yoga, playing the ukulele, and stand-up paddleboarding with his two cats, Rune and Tau, in tow.


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