Bethany Fackler, DVM, CVA (Practice Limited to Anesthesia and Analgesia)


From a very young age, Dr. Fackler was animal obsessed and has always filled in the blank β€œWhen I grow up, I will be:” with VETERINARIAN. She grew up tending to the many creatures that lived with her family in Kentucky. This included: dogs, cats, chickens for 4-H, a goat named Sugar Baby, many bunnies, horses, a few reptiles that creeped out her mother, and a menagerie of various sick critters that her family helped – enabling her early pursuits of James Harriot-style veterinary life.

Naturally, veterinary medicine was her destiny, and she started her journey at Mississippi State University-College of Veterinary Medicine. Following her four years in Mississippi, she was matched to a private practice small animal rotating internship in Austin, Texas. Dr. Fackler thrived in her emergency/critical care rotations and loved the variety of cases and the fast pace that a busy emergency shift would bring. She also loved the Austin lifestyle and decided to stick around after completing her internship.

But eventually, her wanderlust would take her across the globe to Sydney, Australia, where she continued her emergency work at Small Animal Specialty Hospital (SASH). While at SASH, she had the opportunity to care for a variety of animals, including various Aussie wildlife, worked closely with many specialists, and found a new passion – veterinary anesthesia. With anesthesiology, Dr. Fackler could combine her love of critical care with her interest in providing a safe anesthetic and gaining more knowledge about treating pain for many different patients. After 7 years in practice, she returned to the books and started a residency in Anesthesia and Pain Management at the University of Florida.

Her areas of interest include locoregional anesthesia, interventional pain control, managing critical patients undergoing anesthesia (always an ER doctor at heart), and training technicians in anesthesia management.

In her free time, she loves to travel and often includes her two standard poodles (Ludo and Sir Didymus) in her adventures. She is a fan of live music, interesting food fusions, and art (creating and viewing).


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