Meet Trisha DuBois – Hospital Manager, ACCESS – San Fernando Valley – who joined ACCESS in May 2015.

Before entering the veterinary world, Trisha was a licensed insurance agent and then went on to train for management. She is upbeat, bubbly, passionate, and very organized and we just had to learn a little bit about her!

Why did Trisha get into Veterinary Medicine?
“I stumbled across it, it happened completely by accident!” says Trisha

Where is she from?
Trisha is a California native—born in Oxnard and currently residing in Ventura County.

What brought her to ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital?
Trisha worked in a multi-specialty animal hospital for several years prior to joining us. She was interested in the access to opportunities and growth within our company.

What is Trisha’s favorite type of food?
“Mexican! I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could.”

What is her favorite treatment or procedure?
Trisha really enjoys observing surgical procedures when she can. The delicate intricacies of each procedure and each patient are truly fascinating to her.

What does Trisha like to do when she’s not at work?
Outside of the hospital, Trisha enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids and her rescue dog, Kassie; and of course-hanging by the pool!

What does she consider her greatest achievement?
Raising her three lovely children and being able to watch them turn into caring, intelligent, and productive human beings.

Trisha’s positivity can be seen and felt from the very second she walks in the door—she always makes it a point to check in with everyone throughout the day and say hello to the pets who come into the hospital.

We are so happy to have been fortunate enough to have Trisha join our team and hope that everyone has the chance to interact with her