Molly is one of the many friendly faces you meet at our front desk at ACCESS – San Fernando Valley. She’s been with us from the start, has a passion for Client Care, and loves meeting new people, and we wanted to learn more about her!

How did she decide she wanted to work in veterinary medicine?
Molly loves animals and has wanted to work with them since she was four-years-old! She finds it exciting to work in the field and loves being able to see the healing process.

Why did Molly choose Client Care?
She loves meeting new people and seeing all of the different types of cases that come to the hospital. Molly also like being able to apply her well-honed skills in her work. She works tirelessly to ensure that our clients and staff members are cared for. Molly always tries to put herself in the other person’s shoes, allowing her the perspective needed to assist and comfort those around her.

What brought her to ACCESS?
Molly worked at the veterinary practice that used to be in the Valley before ACCESS purchased and renovated it. She had read a lot about Dr. Mills prior to making the decision to stay on and transition to ACCESS and was moved by what he had to say. Molly was excited to work for someone who stressed treating all of our patients and clients like family and to create a space for people to come and receive care while feeling safe and warm. Years later, she’s still excited to come in for each shift!

Where is Molly’s favorite place to visit?
Although her family is originally from California, Molly loves to visit her Mom in Portland. Together, they take in all the area has to offer as well as spend time with their beloved family dog. Molly also enjoys her visits because it takes her back to her childhood—she returned from her most recent trip with two homemade lasagnas!

What is her favorite animal and why?
Molly is a dog lover at heart and grew up with at least one always in her home. She also likes foxes for their sweet, innocent look and intelligence!

What would she be doing if she weren’t in Client Care?
She would be in vet school! That’s right, Molly can’t see herself in any other field, but she does take great joy in being able to help the families of the animals we treat.

What is Molly’s favorite meal and what is the best thing she cooks?
She loves breakfast, specifically pancakes! Molly even found a recipe for green tea pancakes that she swears by, though her wienerschnitzel is the best dish she cooks!

Does she collect anything?
Molly has been collecting smashed pennies since she was born! These quick and compact souvenirs take up two full jars at home, each commemorating a fond memory with family and friends. Molly estimates she has over 200 smashed pennies, including some from Portland, New York, every Southern California zoo, and the border of Canada!

What is one thing she wishes pet owners would start doing?
“Be more aware and don’t wait until the last minute to seek veterinary care. Many major issues can be prevented if they’re caught early enough.”

Molly’s greatest achievement is being able to save the lives of rescue dogs, even the ones she has adopted! Her huge heart shows in everything she does and we are so thankful for the opportunity to work with her every day.

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