Esmeralda is one of our incredible RVTs at ACCESS – Los Angeles. Her calm, unusual, and collected demeanor perfectly accompanies her great sense of humor and awesome art skills! Esmeralda has been with us since April 2014 and we wanted to learn more about her.

How did Esmeralda decide to work in veterinary medicine?
Preferring pets to people, it was an easy choice for Esmeralda! She has always bonded easily with animals, so caring for them was an obvious choice when picking her career.

Why did she choose the emergency room?
When she was in school, Esmeralda learned about all of the types of places a Registered Veterinary Technician could work and one stood out—she was drawn to emergencies. During her externships, her passion was confirmed! Esmeralda really enjoys caring for patients after the initial triage and loves being able to nurse them back to health, especially getting patients to eat! She also takes a liking to creating the best environment for her patients, whether it be by intricate bandage designs, or crafts, and is known around the hospital for it!

What brought Esmeralda to ACCESS?
After school, she started working at a specialty hospital, but wanted more. She then found ACCESS and was happy with her placement in our Emergency & Critical Care Department.

What is her favorite animal and why?
Esmeralda loves cats and rats! She likes that they’re quirky and social in their own way.

What would Esmeralda be doing if she weren’t a tech?
An embalmer or pathology assistant! Esmeralda enjoys learning and caring for those in need and these professions help provide important insight for the loved ones of the departed.

What is her favorite meal and what is the best thing she cooks?
Esmeralda loves pizza and can whip up a great vegan cupcake (though it has been a while), or simple serving of French fries!

What is the most challenging case Esmeralda has ever had?
“Table patients,” from a personal, and observational perspective. Esmeralda finds table patients, animals who are severely injured or sick and on life support, to be very challenging given their advanced illnesses and intensity of their treatments.

What is her favorite procedure to see or do?
Necropsies! Esmeralda loves the science, and sometimes, mystery behind it.
Esmeralda is also fond of observing pacemaker implantations done by our board-certified cardiologists. The technology, process, and life-saving ability is awe-inspiring!

What is one thing Esmeralda wishes pet owners would start doing?
Be more understanding, trust the knowledge of the veterinarians and technicians, and go in with an open mind. The staff’s goal is not only to save your pet and nurse them to health, but to also educate pet owners.

What does she consider to be her greatest achievement?
“Raising a wild son and becoming an RVT.” Esmeralda is close with her family and finds fulfillment in watching her young son grow up and setting an example for him in becoming a licensed professional in her field.

Outside of the hospital, Esmeralda enjoys making candles and photography, specifically, black and white shots of plants and animals! Esmeralda is loved by her coworkers for her knowledge, compassion, and care and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to work with her!

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