Harvey, a beautiful male, neutered Flemish Giant rabbit, visited our Exotics department at ACCESS Los Angeles last week.

Harvey was rescued off of death row from the Downey Shelter by Too Many Bunnies Rescue founder, Linda. At the time, Linda was only able to take three rabbits from the shelter, but after meeting Harvey she made arrangements and rescued four. Since then, Harvey has been with the rescue for about five years, touring schools and helping to educate students about animals and how to be helpful, responsible pet owners.

Harvey also has a “wife” named Lola, who is a big, fluffy Angora rabbit that loves spending time with Harvey. At home, Harvey enjoys his life with Linda, Lola, and the other rescue rabbits who are waiting for loving forever homes. We were so thankful for the opportunity to meet such a wonderful rabbit and spend time with Linda-Harvey won the hearts of absolutely everyone in the building at ACCESS and was loving all of the attention!

If you have any medical questions about your bunny, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Olivia Petritz or Dr. Karen Schachterle at 310-558-6100 and be sure to check out Too Many Bunnies at www.toomanybunnies.com/about-us.html

Below: Harvey takes the focus from Leah Basinais, our Director of Operations.