Dear pet owner,

Welcome to ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals – where a team of highly qualified doctors, experienced veterinary technicians, and dedicated administrators provide premier medical care for your pet across a variety of medical departments and services.

When your pet is sick or injured, treatment usually begins with your local veterinarian, who can diagnose and treat various health problems. Occasionally, their patients (your pets) require specialized care.

This is where ACCESS comes in. Our doctors and specialists have the training, expertise, and access to cutting-edge technology necessary to diagnose and treat complex diseases and disorders. *

When you come for a consultation, your pet will be individually assessed and undergo a thorough examination. Our hospitals are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment that helps our doctors pinpoint the problem, give immediate answers, and propose treatment plans.

In addition to specialized care, ACCESS hospitals are open 2×7 for pet emergencies. Many steps are involved in the emergency room visit, and we encourage you to check our Emergency page for more information.

Thank you for choosing ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals!

*not all doctors are board-certified specialists