PJ, a lovable two-year-old Pit Bull, was at home in his yard when his owners heard a loud pop at 4:30am, then heard PJ run into the side of their house. His owners immediately rushed to check on him and were horrified to find that he had a large wound on his muzzle—PJ had been shot in the face.

PJ and his family rushed to the ACCESS LA emergency room and met with Dr. Nicole Skilling, who administered fluids and pain medication with his owner’s approval. Radiographs confirmed everyone’s suspicions— a fragmented bullet (see below) was in PJ’s face. Dr. Skilling was able to clean the wound and remove the fragments and even checked PJ’s eye and throat to make sure there were no further injuries. Luckily, other than a bullet in his snout, PJ was healthy.

After the procedure, Dr. Skilling closed the wound with stitches and PJ was sent home with antibiotics, pain medication, and a snazzy new cone to keep him safe and healthy.

We were overjoyed to see PJ back a few days later for his recheck. He greeted everyone in the lobby and gladly accepted pets and snuggles from our staff while he was in our treatment area! His stitches were examined and found to be healing well and as for his eyes—they’re perfect! PJ will return to the hospital in a few days to have his stitches removed once he is fully healed and is thankful for the quick actions of his owners.
Unfortunately, no one knows who did this to PJ or why, but the authorities have been notified and are investigating the case.

Please report any suspected animal abuse to your local taskforce.

24-hour notification hotline 213-486-0450
“Animal cruelty includes any activity that causes injury, disability, or death. Examples of animal cruelty are kicking, hitting, choking, punching, hanging, stabbing, shooting, setting on fire, or electrocuting.”