Slide Lucky Luke! “I felt the doctors at ACCESS were always concerned about Luke’s well-being. They were fabulous! This is one reason why we recommend ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals, and their specialized services to all our friends.” Peter T.— Loving Pet Owner | Santa Monica Slide Happy and healthy. “I have three wonderful Chihuahuas. My smallest, and most precious, little Bebita, is four pounds and sixteen years old. Due to her size she has many issues, but thanks to the amazing care of the vets, she is healthy and happy and because of that, so am I." Michelle S.— Loving Pet Owner | Valley Village Slide Hop to it! “At ‘Many Bunnies Rabbit Rescue’ many of our rescues arrive in need of medical attention. To help us, we choose ACCESS Avian & Exotic veterinarians, who are not only amazingly qualified, but have a wonderful level of compassion and care.” Linda B.— Animal Rescue | Pet Lover | Redondo Beach Slide A fighting chance! “Without the emergency expertise in their critical medical care and surgical attention, Nanook would not be alive today! ACCESS doctors and staff who worked diligently day and night to give Nanook a chance to fight for his life are angels from heaven.” Doris P.— Loving Pet Owner | Los Angeles