Lucy Is Safe!

When veterinarian, Dr. Hinz, the Medical Director of the Westside Pet Clinic lost her service dog ‘Lucy’ at the beginning of September, they went all out with their efforts to find her, most notably making it on the news and having celebrities helping them with their search.

The good news is that on the last day of September, she was found.

Being a little worse for wear and in need of a check-up, out of all the places Dr. Hinz could have taken Lucy for an exam, she chose ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Los Angeles.

We are extremely proud that the Medical Director for another practice trusted our doctors and staff with her beloved dog, and would like to share the full story with you below.

(The above link includes a video with a cameo of one of our Client Care team members who helped this pet, and her family.)


Tails from the road… Ponies, K9s, and snakes, oh my!


ACCESS was a part of the Ponies at the Pike Mustang and Ford Car Show in Long Beach where lots of car enthusiasts stopped by to check out our booth to learn about the specialties we offer.

We also collected donations for Kerry’s K9 Fund, which raises money to get bulletproof vests for police dogs! Plus, since we love all creatures at ACCESS, the Reptile Adventures booth let Jillian and Yolie from ACCESS get close with Cuddles the python.

Thanks to everyone who said vroom vroom (hello hello) to us.



“Tails from the road… mixing it up.

A wonderful time was had by staff and primary veterinarians at a small and cozy ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital ‘Mixer’ in Culver City. Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to seeing more of you next time. Stay tuned…

Below are four ACCESS ladies who always help to make things rock. (From left to right: Sheena Rai, Shannon Brown, Jillian Kassel and Leah Basinais)



Tails from the road… The Hippest Joint!

The Hippest Joint for Surgery Lectures is Western U!

We were asked to lecture at Western University in Pomona on surgery and Annie Lo, DVM, DACVS stepped up to the plate! She discussed the ins and outs of cranial cruciate ligament disease for almost 60 veterinary students. This was a surgery topic the students requested and we were more than happy to oblige. Thanks for having us, Western!



Tails from the road… Shake your tail feather!

Dr. Karen Schachterle and Jillian, our Director of Community Relations, hit the road and braved the heat to bring a lecture on Avian Physical Exams & Clinical Techniques to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital.

The seven doctors in attendance loved having a Lunch and Learn so they can work with us to provide the best care for all the different types of birds they may encounter and the clients who love them. Thanks BVH for having ACCESS at your beautiful practice!



Tails from the road… (Yum. Pies.)


Jillian, our Director of Community Relations, is a busy bee. Visiting primary veterinarians, scooting around organizing community events, and chatting with folks about animal specialty care is hard work – particularly in a southern Californian summer.

It’s also, apparently, hungry work. But no, these pies aren’t for her. Being her usual generous and considerate self, she decided to share a piece of pie with primary veterinarians she’ll meet today. (She tells us, “it didn’t take long before all I had left were empty boxes and crumbs on the back seat of my car.”)

Keep an eye out for Jillian in her ACCESS car which you just can’t miss, be sure to say hi, and stay tuned for more ‘tails from the road.’