Rockin’ and Rollin’ with our Client Care Rock Stars…


We celebrated the tremendous efforts of our receptionists, doctor’s assistants, charge coordinators, and phone operators last week with a whole rockin’ variety of activities and treats!

All of our Rock Stars received their “band shirts” at the beginning of the week and were able to wear them for each shift while they wrote encouraging messages on our gratitude wall, ate ice cream, enjoyed Olive Garden, played basketball and NBA Jam, and rested while watching movies and eating popcorn.

We love our Client Care team and are so thankful for each and every member and their contributions to our hospitals, patients, and clients.

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Max the Terrific Tripawd…

Max is a lovable Pit Bull mix who came into our Los Angeles emergency room after being hit by a car in early 2016.

Luckily, Max was okay except for his front leg that was very badly injured. After the careful evaluations by our specialists and learning about all of their options, Max’s parents decided that the best course of action would be to amputate the leg. Even though Max’s injury was serious, he never lost his sweet and upbeat demeanor! Max wagged his tail during his examinations and gave kisses whenever he could. Before surgery, Max was snuggled by doctors and staff members and given medication to keep him comfortable.

The surgery was performed by one of our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Kim Carey and was very successful. After his procedure, Max was kept in our emergency room for 24×7 monitoring where he was given medication, love, and when he was ready, food. Our staff and Max’s family worked together to make sure Max healed up appropriately and learned how to walk on three legs safely.

In no time Max was up and running and we were thrilled to see him doing so well when he came back to us for a recheck!





It’s what’s up front that counts…

ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital’s Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Client Care Management teams attended an all-day seminar this past weekend and learned all about team management as well as how to better serve our incredible pet parents and veterinary community!

The seminar was held in Long Beach and presented by Veterinary Management Consultation. We’re excited to see our teams put their newfound knowledge to use!






Animals helping animals…

This is Harper, a picture perfect Pittie. Her mom works in the surgery department at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Los Angeles, and brought Harper in to have her blood tested to see if she’d be a good candidate for blood donation.

Check with your primary veterinarian to see if your pet is able to donate blood and save a life!



Meet ‘Grand’…

This is ‘Grand’, a beautiful Borzoi who has formed a strong bond with Dr. Danielle Sawyer at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Los Angeles.

Borzoi dogs are also called Russian Wolfhounds and the breed is known for their charming, loyal, and affectionate personalities. We love the opportunity to spend time with ‘Grand’ and his family and are lucky to help such a loveable and unique dog!

Shannon Brown
Marketing Coordinator | ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals



Interventional Radiology with Bentley…


Bentley, a seven-year-old St. Bernard mix, came to ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Los Angeles for weight loss due to vomiting as well as nasopharyngeal stenosis, which is a narrowing behind the two nasal passages that brings air from the nose to the trachea.

Bentley had a prior amputation surgery and had an episode where gastric fluid showered to the nasopharynx causing inflammation and scarring, which greatly affected him, as the scarring had closed his nasopharynx. Bentley could not pass air with his mouth closed and he was struggling to breathe when sleeping. A scope was performed at his primary veterinarian’s office, and Bentley was then referred out to ACCESS for further work up.

After meeting with Dr. Erinne Branter and being presented with all of their options, Bentley’s parents decided to go with a minimally invasive procedure that would correct the narrowing in Bentley’s nasal passages and allow him to breathe easier.

Dr. Branter and her team installed a fixed-wire balloon stent into the nasopharyngeal stenosis, or stricture, at the soft palate, as well as instilled a drug called Triamcinolone into the region to prevent further issues. Bentley’s esophagitis was totally resolved with scoping and medications.

Bentley did great under anesthesia and did not have any complications. He was finally able to breathe comfortably while sleeping and was placed on medications to treat his IBD and esophagitis. He may need further balloon procedures, which is why his balloon was installed. This allows for future procedure to be performed as needed.


Award Nods reach Culver City…

Dr. Erinne Branter, head of the Interventional Radiology/Endoscopy department at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital in Los Angeles, was nominated for the Pet Plan Veterinarian of the Year award!

This is such an honor, as nominations are made by pet owners and community members. We would like to congratulate all of the winners of the Pet Plan awards this year and look forward to the 2017 nominations!