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Sparks Are Flying in The South Bay!

We’ve made a ton of progress with the construction of our new home in the South Bay and we can’t wait to see it finished! Until then, we’re still open 24×7 at 2325 Torrance Boulevard.



Halloween is Serious Business at ACCESS

Over the years, we’ve learned that our ghoulishly great staff loves all things Halloween!

Our annual pumpkin carving contest became beastly and this year we switched things up to…no carve art!

This little video gives you a peek inside our haunted hospital and shows you just a bit of how much we enjoy Halloween.


Scare Up Some Safety This Year!

Did you know Halloween can be scary for pets?

However, with a little planning and information, you and your pets can celebrate safely.

Click on the images below to download our Halloween Pet Safety tips. These ‘free printables’ can be printed with ease! Stick one on your fridge as a reminder, or share them with others at work, home, or anywhere there are pets!

Be safe and have fun…


Breaking New Ground!

We are pleased to announce that we’re about to begin the build out for our brand new building on 190th in Torrance!

This two story facility will house cutting-edge equipment, several veterinary specialties, and dozens of loving, dedicated people to care for your pets.

We are very excited about this new adventure and will be posting updates periodically. Stay tuned.

First Floor
Second Floor


Dr. Dog Reporting for Duty!

Dr. Owczarczak isn’t the only one excited about her new scrubs! Kodiak, pictured here, likes to dress up and was happy to play with her mom after a shift in our South Bay location’s ER.



Caring in Critical Care

Before Gabe Esparza, RVT, went to South Bay, he was a technician in our ER. Here he’s pictured training some of our rock star ER staff.



ACCESS Does Continuing Ed in South Bay!

Dr. Domenico Bianco, our Internal Medicine specialist, kicked off our lecture series in the South Bay with a talk on IMHA! We were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet all of the doctors and technicians who attended and look forward to our next talk in September!





From South Central to South Bay


Gabe (pictured above with Dr. Sarah Zimmerman) is an RVT who grew up in South Central and started working with ACCESS in September 2013. Since then, he has used hard work, skill, and determination to become the Technician and Purchasing Manager for ACCESS – South Bay. We’ve known Gabe for quite a while, but wanted to learn more about him!

How did Gabe decide to work in veterinary medicine?
Gabe used to be the IT Manager for an elementary school. One day, while he was creating barcodes for new textbooks, one of the teachers asked if he knew of anyone who would want to pick up overnight shifts at a local veterinary hospital.

Gabe started out there part-time and within a year became a full-time employee who was managing all of the supply purchases.

Why did he choose the emergency room?
The general practice Gabe started out with functioned as an emergency room overnight, which is where he developed a passion for emergency medicine! “I thrive on controlled chaos and love the caseload of the ER, so this was a natural choice for me.”

What brought Gabe to ACCESS?
After the initial practice, Gabe had moved on to general practice. After about six years there, he realized he missed caring for critically-ill patients and being exposed to unique and specialized surgical procedures, so he came to ACCESS – Los Angeles!

What is his favorite animal and why?
Gabe adores Pitbulls! He loves their loyalty, the bonds they have with their owners, and their goofy demeanors.

Does Gabe collect anything?
Gabe has over 1,000 football cards, including rookie cards for some of his favorite players, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, and Penny Hardaway!

What would he be doing if he weren’t an RVT?
Outside of veterinary medicine, Gabe had dreams of owning a body shop and working on cars.

What is Gabe’s favorite meal and the best thing he cooks?
He loves to grill, but don’t ask this connoisseur for his favorite dish—he can’t narrow it down!

What is his favorite procedure to see or do?
Gabe generally likes orthopedic surgeries, but really enjoys SUB placements, and thoracotomy procedures.

What is one thing Gabe wishes pet owners would start doing?
“Become properly educated on pet ownership before you get a pet. Most families see animals as a source of protection or income instead of a new addition to the family and don’t know about the proper medical care needed for a pet.”

What does he consider to be his greatest achievement?
Gabe prides himself on his hard work, so it’s no surprise that he’s most proud of becoming the Technician and Purchasing Manager for our South Bay location! Gabe is happy to be able to start the hospital from the ground up and really see it grow.

Outside of the hospital, Gabe enjoys spending time with friends and family and listening to music. We’re thrilled to have been able to see him grow into a management position and we’re even more excited to see what the future holds for him.

Pictured below from left to right: Gabe, Greg and Raul.




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