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A little girl and her dog…


When Zane’s buddy wanted to show him support, she dressed-up for the occasion.

How cute is that?

Zane was presented for anemia* from an unknown cause. After checking blood-work and abdominal imaging, Dr. Amanda Blackburn (Department of Internal Medicine) was able to diagnose Zane with an immune condition that attacks the red blood cells (immune mediated hemolytic anemia) and begin treatment.

At his check-up appointment last week Zane was responding very well and is feeling good. To ensure all goes well, which will no doubt please both him and his little princess, the team at ACCESS Speciality Animal Hospital in Los Angeles will be rechecking his progress and adjusting his treatment plan over the next three to four months.


*Anemia is the result of an abnormal breakdown of red blood cells, and as this is where Hemoglobin delivers oxygen to the tissues and cells, symptoms resulting from a ‘lack of oxygen’ can be ‘pale or white gums’, lethargy, shortness of breath, and a general lack of stamina.


Bo Bo Kitty

“Bo Bo Kitty”, our most handsome patient of the day, sits patiently with his mom at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital in the San Fernando Valley while waiting for his appointment with Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Elana Hadar.

(Understandably, where “Bo Bo Kitty” wants to sit, “Bo Bo Kitty” sits…)

Bo Bo Kitty



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