For your convenience, there are three ways to arrange an appointment with a specialty department at ACCESS. Note: There is no need to make an appointment for Pet Emergencies. (Click here to discover more is you have an pet emergency…)

1. Call us to make an Appointment.

Simply call one of our hospitals directly, and follow the prompts.

ACCESS – South Bay
Tel: (310) 320-8300

ACCESS – Los Angeles
Tel: (310) 558-6100

ACCESS – San Fernando Valley
Tel: (818) 887-2262

ACCESS – Pasadena
Tel: (626) 993-9600

2. Use our online form to Request an Appointment.

Click the below green button and complete our ‘Request an Appointment’ form. Once you have submitted the form, one of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you to arrange an appointment.

3. Use our Online Scheduling System to make an Appointment.

To further enhance your experience, we are currently in the process of implementing an online scheduling system. Our goal is to provide you with a more streamlined and convenient way to book appointments. To help refine the process, we are testing our new system only at ACCESS – South Bay before rolling it out to all four of our hospitals.

Click the below red button to book an appointment for ACCESS – South Bay’s Departments of Internal Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, or Urgent Care.

For ACCESS – South Bay’s Department of Cardiology, please call ACCESS – South Bay, or use the above form to request and appointment.