Walter observing a surgical procedure as part of the training at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals.

Walter is one of our many great Client Care Representatives at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Los Angeles. Clients will recognize Walter’s cheerful demeanor, helpful tendencies, and immense friendliness; but there’s much more to this superstar Client Care Representative!

We just had to learn more about Walter, so we chatted with him to learn about his experiences and more!

Why veterinary medicine?
Walter was interested in veterinary medicine since childhood. He’s happy to be able to be in a place where he can learn more about the field and is “fascinated by all of the specialties offered for pets.”

Why Client Care?
Walter has years of experience in customer service and enjoys being able to utilize those skills by helping clients and supporting them during their time with us.

What brought Walter to California?
This Long Island, NY native couldn’t resist the relaxed environment and picture perfect weather that SoCal had to offer! Walter made the big move from New York to California about three years ago and has fallen absolutely in love with his new home. Although he liked the hustle and bustle and misses his family, he is happy in the golden state.

Where is his favorite place to visit?
Walter loves any location with a beach, which is why he is very fond of Miami and recently went to St. Croix. He loves to travel and hopes to see more of what the world has to offer.

What is Walter’s favorite animal?
He loves birds—African Grey Parrots to be exact! Walter finds the African Grey to be “pretty and majestic” and is intrigued by their long lifespan.

What is his favorite meal?
Although Walter absolutely loves seafood, his favorites being lobster and shrimp, his true favorite food is a homemade bread. A West Indian dish with a secret family recipe that has been handed down from his grandmother to his mother, “bake” is a sweet bread that Walter recalls lovingly. “We had it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and around the holidays” says Walter. Even though this East Coast native has found a home in sunny California, he truly misses his mother’s cooking, especially her bake.

What is the best thing that Walter cooks?
“Cereal. I’m not a very good cook” laughs Walter.

Does he collect anything?
Walter has a small collection of Game Boy games.

What is Walter’s advice for pet owners?
“Find a primary veterinarian. Many issues can be addressed with your primary veterinarian before they become an emergency. Plus, you’re able to build a relationship with that doctor as opposed to seeing someone on an emergency basis.” Walter also says to use caution when treating your pet at home, as any treatment without the direction of a veterinarian has the potential to cause harm to an animal.

What is the most challenging case he’s ever had?
Many people don’t know that each and every member of our staff is touched by each patient that comes through our doors. Walter was especially moved by the story of a young female Terrier, who had been abused and neglected by her owners. The young dog had been dragged by a bicycle and the fur on the top of her paws had been rubbed off. Walter was so worried about what was going to happen to the little pup, but luckily, the person relinquished ownership and gave her to a very responsible animal lover. Walter was relieved to see such a sweet animal find a good home. Walter also gets attached to many of the pets and families that come to ACCESS. He enjoys keeping up with them during their visits, over the phone, and even writing personal notes in the cards that are sent to the pet owners.

What is Walter’s favorite treatment or procedure?
Walter had the opportunity to gown up and observe a fracture repair done by one of our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Kim Carey! Walter said it was “awesome. Dr. Carey was so meticulous.” It was a great experience and Walter was able to see the patient through the whole process—from check in to procedure to check out.

What is his greatest achievement?
When Walter moved from the East Coast to Southern California, he didn’t know anyone and didn’t have a job or apartment set up. Since then, he’s been able to find a job he is passionate about, an apartment he loves, and has made friendships that will last a life time. Walter is proud for the chances he’s taken and the success that he has found.

We are so lucky to have such an incredible person on our team and we are thankful for Walter’s passion, persistence, and optimism.


From left to right: Dr. Kim Carey, Walter, and Ariana, Walter’s Client Care coworker.