Meet some of our wonderful team members.

Mandi Barker Gonzalez

Hospital Administrator | ACCESS – South Bay

Mandi was born and raised on the East Coast, eventually relocated to California in 2012. While growing up with several animals, she had never considered diving into the world of veterinary medicine. Instead she continued to focus on building her leadership skills and defining her management style to help employees feel important, supported and not like “just a number”. During this time she felt the need to do something more. Upon the recommendation of her sister who also worked in veterinary medicine, she jumped head first into the field! She finally found her home in the veterinary field where she feels she was introduced into a world of purpose and compassion. Mandi went on to specialize her skills and knowledge by obtaining her Master’s in Healthcare Management so that she could keep her feet firmly planted in veterinary medicine and advocates for animals everywhere!

Mandi started her veterinary journey in preventive care and joined the exciting world of emergency and specialty care with ACCESS in 2020. She remains focused on a healthy and collaborative work environment with her teams and is dedicated to quality patient care for all of our furry loved ones! When she’s not at work she can be found exploring around the world, spending time outdoors, or simply lounging around with her own pets.

Vera Valencia

Assistant Hospital Manager | ACCESS – South Bay

Vera was born and raised in Southern California and stumbled into veterinary medicine in 2016 where she found her new home. Vera joined ACCESS in 2020 where she has been able to implement her ideals that work should be fun and every individual matters! Vera has harbored a passion for human resources and strives to make a difference in everyone’s work life.

Vera has a love for all animals but found her true spirit animal in her Boston Terrier, Harvey Dent! In her free time she can be found roller skating and ice skating, catching up with Batman comic but her favorite past time is spending time with her son!

Sarah Vides

Client Care Manager | ACCESS – South Bay

Sarah grew up in San Gabriel Valley and always felt the inner calling to help people. When her love of animals continued to grow, that calling took her to veterinary medicine where should help both pet parents and their beloved pet. She began her adventure with ACCESS in 2016! She joined us as a member of our client care team, moved her skills over to become a Doctors Assistant. Through her dedication to quality patient and client care, she is now helping take our team to the next level as our Client Care Manager.

Outside of the hospital, loves to spend time with her dog Rose and cat Don Diego! If she isn’t with her own pets, she loves getting to know each and every pet that comes through our doors. In their spare time, Sarah and Rose can also be found relaxing and tending to their garden, though most of her time is spent cleaning up Rose’s mess.

Greg Zamora

Regional Inventory and Equipment Specialist

Greg, who grew up in Southern California, followed his first dream of becoming a welder by completing his AWS with LA Certification. He shortly realized that his love for animals would be his passion and jumped in to developing a career in animal care. Starting his new career as a Kennel Assistant, Greg focused on developing his skills and knowledge in the Emergency field.

Greg has been with the ACCESS family since 2003, first working in Tustin, California at ACCIM. He then helped establish the Los Angeles location, working here from day one in 2005. Bringing all that he has learned in the emergency field both as an animal care attendant and equipment/purchasing manager, he has continued to be a valued asset as we transitioned to ACCESS Specialty Hospital Group and helped make opening ACCESS in Woodland Hills a success. Maintaining strong ties to the veterinary community and dedication to animals, when not at ACCESS-Los Angeles, he can be found working with a mobile orthopedic veterinarian.

Greg currently serves as the Technician Supervisor and Purchasing Manager at ACCESS-LA, responsible for the daily management of our veterinary technicians and paraprofessionals in all seven departments of the hospital. He helps ensure we bring quality, integrity, and compassion to all aspects of care for our patients. He also helps purchase and maintain the leading medical equipment and supplies that allow us to meet such highs standards of medical care.

Although Greg affords himself very little time away from the veterinary world, he does like to deep sea fish or work on his ’47 Chevy when able. At home his buddies are a French Bulldog and a Cat named Mimi.

Howard Liberson

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Liberson, has over twenty years of experience in business, finance, law, and accounting. Howard grew up in Chicago and attended UCLA as an undergraduate. He also graduated from Wharton Business School and Loyola Law School. He has two children – a fourteen year old son and twelve year old daughter – and lives in Redondo Beach.

Jason Bitting

Director of Operations

Jason is a native of New Jersey. Prior to entering into the field of veterinary medicine, he lived in New York City for approximately 12 years where he worked in restaurant management before owning an establishment of his own. Although he has always maintained a great fondness for food and wine, he felt as if he wasn’t following his true passion and so, sold his restaurant after five years.

Jason had known for many years that he wanted to work with animals. During a blackout in New York City in the summer of 2004 he had volunteered for the ASPCA in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Subsequently, it was this experience that changed his life forever. He spent the next six years gaining the knowledge and sharpening his skills as a technician in the area of emergency and critical care and surgery. He developed a profound interest for anesthesia and was eventually promoted to head surgery technician. He has logged over 5000 hours administering and monitoring anesthesia during not only elective procedures but with orthopedic and critical cases as well.

For the past two years Jason has held the position of Hospital Manager for a large general practice and 24-hour emergency facility in New Jersey. He thoroughly enjoys being part of the client/patient/provider dynamic and is always eager and willing to help his fellow team members facilitate the components necessary for ensuring the highest quality of patient care and client service.

Jason is just a few credits shy of earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. His future goals include becoming certified as a practice manager (CVPM) and earning a master’s degree as well. When not working, Jason thoroughly enjoys volunteering his time, classic car culture, engaging in outdoor activities (hiking, running, etc.), practicing the martial art of kung fu and tai chi, and spending time with his two cats Mimi and Olivia.

Jennifer Mederos

Administrative Project Manager | ACCESS – Los Angeles

Jennifer Mederos, a Los Angeles native, joined the ACCESS family in 2010. A lifelong animal lover, she cared for a small menagerie of fish, turtles, and dogs growing up, and has been a vegetarian for the last 10 years.

After majoring in theatre and pursuing a career as an actor/film-maker, she decided to follow her true passion by working with animals. She started out as the assistant manager at a busy doggie daycare/hotel, then came to ACCESS as a client care representative. She became a doctor’s assistant in the Internal Medicine service in the Spring of 2011. Her dedication, skill, and calm demeanor earned her recognition, and five years later she transitioned to the role of Administrative Assistant, where she enjoys working “behind the scenes.”

Jennifer lives in Palms and is the proud mother of 3 dogs: Brandy, Milo, and Diesel.

Lance Dickson

Technician and Purchasing Manager | ACCESS – San Fernando Valley

Originally from Houston, this Southern Gent attended—you guessed it— the University of Houston! He’s always loved animals and attended a job fair where he found a career as a veterinary assistant. He was able to do some on the job training and eventually earned his Certified Veterinary Assistant certification, or CVA. It’s been all animals, all the time ever since!

Though he adores all animals, Lance has a special place in his heart for domestic cats. He “finds their personalities intriguing. They’re sensitive, so you have to treat them gently. One cat may not like having his belly rubbed, and another may love it. Veterinary medicine is all about figuring out the pieces of the puzzle to make it work.”

He moved to California in 2006 and joined our San Fernando Valley team in 2012. The opportunity for a leadership position came, and in late 2017, Lance became the Technician Supervisor and Purchasing Manager for the hospital…though his true claim to fame is holding the title of 1993 Tae Kwon Do State Champion.

Leah Basinais, MBA

Chief Operating Officer – ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals

Leah Basinais was faced with a serious choice at the age of 16. Summer job: a kennel assistant at a vet hospital, or a sales clerk at a surf shop. Tough choice for a teenager, but the furry friends won out, setting the stage for what would be a career revolving around veterinary medicine.

With a bachelor’s degree in biology from a tiny college in Milton, Massachusetts and a prestigious internship at the Tumor Genetics Lab in Massachusetts General Hospital under her belt, Leah returned from Boston to get married and set up a life back in Los Angeles. After a brief stint in a PhD program at UCLA in microbiology, Leah decided she was better with people than she was with nematodes.

Returning to her comfortable home as a veterinary receptionist, she rose to become a manager of a small general practice in Sherman Oaks, CA. In 2001, Leah moved to become a Hospital Administrator of a large multi-specialty hospital in Ventura, CA, where she furthered her education by completing a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialized certification in Health Care Management. She was the President of the Veterinary Specialty Practice Alliance (VSPA) and has lectured internationally.

Now a happy member of the ACCESS family, Leah is focused on operational improvement, service training, systems creation, and personnel development. An advocate for providing clients with exceptional support during difficult times, Leah is excited to help ACCESS realize its exceptional potential as a leader in specialty medicine. A mom to two gorgeous kids, Leah resides in Moorpark, with her husband of over 15 years.

Michael James, MHA, PHR, LVT

Hospital Manager – ACCESS Los Angeles

Michael joins us from Kalamazoo, a small city in Michigan. During his senior year of high school, Michael took a course about the veterinary profession and learned how to work as a veterinary assistant – he hasn’t looked back since!

Michael is a licensed veterinary technician in Michigan, with experience in small animal anesthesia, emergency, and general practice. In 2015, Michael obtained a master’s degree in Health Administration from Grand Valley State University and has worked as a Practice Manager and administrator for large veterinary hospitals.

In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, spending time with his two dogs and ball python, and just enjoying the California sun

Talia Dutra, CVPM

Hospital Administrator | ACCESS – Los Angeles

Talia began her veterinary career at seventeen years old when she adopted two shelter dogs at a time who were found running on the freeway together. From then on, she knew she wanted to make an impact on the lives of people and pets. She was a kennel assistant, and went on to fulfill nearly every role in the hospital – veterinary assistant, veterinary technician, client service specialist, and Practice Manager in Houston, Texas. During this time, Talia also earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston.

After returning home to Long Beach, California, Talia began consulting with the American Animal Hospital Association, evaluating veterinary hospitals across the nation on rigorous standards of patient care, while attending Colorado State University for her MBA. She earned a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) designation, awarded only to managers committed to the pursuit of excellence in veterinary practice management through continual education in the veterinary profession. She brought this experience to her next role as a regional operations manager for specialty/ER hospitals located from Arizona to Alaska. Soon after, she found her home with us at ACCESS.

Talia is focused on ensuring the care we provide to our patients, clients, and team members aligns with our core principles – integrity, compassion, service, and quality – which are consistent with her personal values. When she’s not at work, you can find her camping (or shopping for the newest camping gear), going on scenic hikes, or on a hunt for the city’s best breweries.

Trisha Bailey

Hospital Administrator | ACCESS – San Fernando Valley

Trisha is a Ventura County native and joined us at our San Fernando Valley hospital in May of 2015 after working at another multi-specialty veterinary hospital in Ventura. Trisha has special training in management as well as customer service and conflict resolution. She loves being able to work in a hospital with opportunities for growth as well as a team that feels more like a family.

Outside of the hospital, Trisha enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids and her rescue dog, Kassie; and of course-hanging by the pool!