Sophie now enjoys a breath of fresh air…

Sophie is a one year old domestic short hair cat who was adopted in January from a local shelter. A few weeks after arriving at her new home, she began to hack.

It sounded almost as if she was trying to pass a hairball, but something wasn’t quite right, so it was off to see Dr. Erinne Branter, an Internal Medicine Specialist at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Los Angeles.

A few tests and a radiograph later and Sophie was diagnosed with Feline Asthma, and recommended to ‘use an inhaler’ twice a day. What a difference: Sophie is now able to run, jump, roll-around and dream of what cat’s dream about without the hindrances she had to endure.

Thank you Dr. Branter.


NOTE: Sophie’s owner is none other than Shannon Brown, our high-energy, always ready to serve others, ACCESS Hospital Representative.


Congratulations to Clarisa Robles, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Clarisa Robles is now ‘Board Certified’.

Clarisa-Robles-DVM-DACVIM-(Neurology)This is no simple achievement. Besides having to complete veterinary school, an internship and a residency in a specialized area, further studies have to be undertaken over a number of additional years. This includes a publication accepted in peer reviewed journals, a time consuming and difficult endeavor that demonstrates and proves additional knowledge and expertise in a specific medical field.

So hats-off to Clarisa Robles, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology) who specializes in neurology and who has shown a commitment above and beyond to providing the best possible care for animals. We love you Clarisa!

Dr. Robles is based at the ACCESS Los Angeles Specialty Animal Hospital and is available Tuesdays to Fridays for appointments.



A friendly lunch – BBQ at ACCESS Los Angeles…

Being a 24hr Specialty Animal Hospital pretty much guarantees long, busy, days and nights for the ACCESS Los Angeles medical, support and administration teams. So it makes sense that every now and again that our folks take a breather and catch-up with each other over an enjoyable lunchtime BBQ. Today was one of those days – and enjoyed by all.





“Survivor. The dog days of cancer.”

We were recently delighted to attend a ‘book launch’, where the author, Dr. Jarred Lyons (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine) shared some of his thoughts, insights and writing, which we thought we’d share with you


“The novel – ‘SURVIVOR – THE DOG DAYS OF CANCER’ – is a fictitious story about perspectives; a dog’s named Eddie’s perspective while being treated for a tumor, Julia, his owner’s perspective about his treatment, and her memories of her own father going through cancer, and the perspectives of everyone involved in the process of cancer treatment.”

“Writing the book was an exciting and challenging project that allowed me to “get into the mind of a dog” and what I feel my patient’s are thinking while they go through cancer treatment.”

“If only we could deal with cancer like our dogs do, devoid of the mental component of the disease that often proves as challenging as the cancer itself.”

Click here to find out more, and purchase, Dr. Lyon’s book.

Dr. Jarred Lyons is a board certified veterinary radiation oncologist who actively practices veterinary radiation oncology with the Veterinary Cancer Group located at the City of Angels Veterinary Center in Los Angeles.