Management team

Meet some of our wonderful team members.

Amanda Proud

Hospital Administrator | ACCESS – South Bay

Amanda is a native of Orange County, CA and at an early age made a habit of friending all creatures great and small. Doll clothes went on pets, and favorite companions came with tails, so it was no surprise when her first after-school job landed her at the local pet store.

While attending college part time, Amanda began working in veterinary medicine, quickly moving into a technician position, and floating throughout the hospital to lend a hand in all areas. By 1999, she had her first role as a practice manager in a 24/7 veterinary hospital and emergency clinic.

Having discovered a passion for working with the people and business aspects of veterinary medicine, she completed her BS in Business Management, while growing with a prominent, multi-location oncology specialty hospital. In 2009, Amanda returned to general practice for a couple of years which supported the opportunity to attend the American Animal Hospital Veterinary Leadership Academy and work once again in a primary care environment.

In 2011, Amanda had the opportunity to take the helm at a new start-up Internal Medicine hospital, as well as an ER to support several specialty practices. Opportunity knocked again in 2014 when she joined a multiple location specialty hospital group leading their North San Diego location. During her time there, Amanda earned her Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) in August 2016.

Amanda has lectured and trained other veterinary professionals on leadership, organizational development, and practice management. She is also an active member of the Veterinary Hospital Management Association and the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, and currently serves on the Wellness Task Force. Joining the ACCESS family in 2017, Amanda brings her expertise, enthusiasm, and love of leadership to our new South Bay hospital.

Amanda’s family includes her partner, teenage daughter, and a menagerie of rescued fur-babies. With a love of the outdoors, Amanda enjoys camping and traveling with her family, as well as almost anything that gets the heart thumping such as hiking, cycling, or being in the ocean. She’s a volleyball mom, so often when not at work it means running to or from practices at the club, or heading out for a tourney on a weekend around Southern California or beyond.

Christine Barreda

Director of IT/IS and Logistics


Chris, who grew up in the San Fernando Valley, joined our Culver City family in 2008. She has always had a fondness for animals, exotic and domestic, with a special place in her heart for felines.

As she considered going into animal medicine she searched the help-wanted ads for any mention of “animals.” Finding a job with one of our local primary vets, she learned the ropes of both the medical as well as business side of veterinary medicine. She opted to change majors and in 2013 graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration – Management and Business Administration – Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Once one of our dedicated receptionists, she is now a valuable member of our administration team, most recently filling the role as our Data Manager – working on our IT/IS development and maintenance, as well as in our Finance Department.

In her spare time she likes to relax with friends and family, listen to country music, and play games – board and computer games alike. She has a special interest in classic cars, specifically Ford, and enjoys the outdoors. She has a Beta fish aquarium with cyclical inhabitants, two turtles – Chicken and Ziv, and two cats – Mondavi and Sarah.

Gabe Esparza, RVT

Technician and Purchasing Manager

Gabe is bi-lingual, speaking both English and Spanish. He’s a native Angeleno, growing up in South Central Los Angeles and he attended Platt College, where he earned his RVT license in 2014. Years ago, he was working as the IT Manager for an elementary school when one day, one of the teachers asked if he knew of anyone who would want to pick up overnight shifts at a local veterinary hospital. Gabe started working there part-time and within a year became a full-time employee who was managing all of the supply purchases. The practice functioned as an emergency room overnight, which is where Gabe developed a passion for emergency medicine! “I thrive on controlled chaos and love the caseload of the ER, so this was a natural choice for me.”

After the initial practice, Gabe had moved on to a general practice. After about six years there, he realized he missed caring for critically-ill patients and being exposed to unique and specialized surgical procedures, so he came to ACCESS – Los Angeles! Today, Gabe is the Technician and Purchasing Manager for ACCESS – South Bay and credits his position to his hard work and determination.

Greg Zamora

Regional Inventory and Equipment Specialist


Greg, who grew up in Southern California, followed his first dream of becoming a welder by completing his AWS with LA Certification. He shortly realized that his love for animals would be his passion and jumped in to developing a career in animal care. Starting his new career as a Kennel Assistant, Greg focused on developing his skills and knowledge in the Emergency field.

Greg has been with the ACCESS family since 2003, first working in Tustin, California at ACCIM. He then helped establish the Los Angeles location, working here from day one in 2005. Bringing all that he has learned in the emergency field both as an animal care attendant and equipment/purchasing manager, he has continued to be a valued asset as we transitioned to ACCESS Specialty Hospital Group and helped make opening ACCESS in Woodland Hills a success. Maintaining strong ties to the veterinary community and dedication to animals, when not at ACCESS-Los Angeles, he can be found working with a mobile orthopedic veterinarian.

Greg currently serves as the Technician Supervisor and Purchasing Manager at ACCESS-LA, responsible for the daily management of our veterinary technicians and paraprofessionals in all seven departments of the hospital. He helps ensure we bring quality, integrity, and compassion to all aspects of care for our patients. He also helps purchase and maintain the leading medical equipment and supplies that allow us to meet such highs standards of medical care.

Although Greg affords himself very little time away from the veterinary world, he does like to deep sea fish or work on his ’47 Chevy when able. At home his buddies are a French Bulldog and a Cat named Mimi.

Howard Liberson

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Liberson, has over twenty years of experience in business, finance, law, and accounting. Howard grew up in Chicago and attended UCLA as an undergraduate. He also graduated from Wharton Business School and Loyola Law School. He has two children – a fourteen year old son and twelve year old daughter – and lives in Redondo Beach.

Jason Bitting

Hospital Manager – ACCESS / Los Angeles

Jason is a native of New Jersey. Prior to entering into the field of veterinary medicine, he lived in New York City for approximately 12 years where he worked in restaurant management before owning an establishment of his own. Although he has always maintained a great fondness for food and wine, he felt as if he wasn’t following his true passion and so, sold his restaurant after five years.

Jason had known for many years that he wanted to work with animals. During a blackout in New York City in the summer of 2004 he had volunteered for the ASPCA in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Subsequently, it was this experience that changed his life forever. He spent the next six years gaining the knowledge and sharpening his skills as a technician in the area of emergency and critical care and surgery. He developed a profound interest for anesthesia and was eventually promoted to head surgery technician. He has logged over 5000 hours administering and monitoring anesthesia during not only elective procedures but with orthopedic and critical cases as well.

For the past two years Jason has held the position of Hospital Manager for a large general practice and 24-hour emergency facility in New Jersey. He thoroughly enjoys being part of the client/patient/provider dynamic and is always eager and willing to help his fellow team members facilitate the components necessary for ensuring the highest quality of patient care and client service.

Jason is just a few credits shy of earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. His future goals include becoming certified as a practice manager (CVPM) and earning a master’s degree as well. When not working, Jason thoroughly enjoys volunteering his time, classic car culture, engaging in outdoor activities (hiking, running, etc.), practicing the martial art of kung fu and tai chi, and spending time with his two cats Mimi and Olivia.

Jennifer Mederos

Administrative Assistant – ACCESS / Los Angeles

Jennifer Mederos, a Los Angeles native, joined the ACCESS family in 2010. A lifelong animal lover, she cared for a small menagerie of fish, turtles, and dogs growing up, and has been a vegetarian for the last 10 years.

After majoring in theatre and pursuing a career as an actor/film-maker, she decided to follow her true passion by working with animals. She started out as the assistant manager at a busy doggie daycare/hotel, then came to ACCESS as a client care representative. She became a doctor’s assistant in the Internal Medicine service in the Spring of 2011. Her dedication, skill, and calm demeanor earned her recognition, and five years later she transitioned to the role of Administrative Assistant, where she enjoys working “behind the scenes.”

Jennifer is currently completing a degree in Psychology. She lives in Palms and is the proud mother of 3 dogs: Brandy, Milo, and Diesel.

Jillian Kassel

Director of Community Relations


Jillian is a native of Los Angeles, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Raised in Glendale, she now lives in Culver City and was thrilled to find ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals in her own backyard. Before joining ACCESS in December 2014, she graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2008, and her work experience spans across a variety of business functions including PR, sales, promotions, marketing, event production, and publicity.

As the Director of Community Relations, she works with primary veterinarians who refer clients and patients to ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Central Valley. Being a part of the Marketing Department, she also helps with special events and lectures that bring awareness to what a specialty animal hospital can provide.

Jillian has had dogs all her life. Growing up with a loveable Rottweiler, and a sassy Chocolate Lab that still lives with her parents, she has fond memories of pet ownership. She and her husband Matt recently adopted a young Australian Kelpie mix named Brooklyn who is a bundle of fun and the perfect addition to their home.

Joshua Tolby

Project Manager


Joshua joined our team in May of 2014, through a friend’s referral. He quickly excelled and found his home in our Administration team doing what he loves best – helping people! Joshua graduated from Bucks County Community College with a degree in Communications and enjoys being able to put his skills to work each day, working with doctors, staff, and management.

Joshua grew up with animals in his home and likes being able to interact with pets and their owners here at ACCESS. Though he loves all animal, pugs are his absolute favorite! In his free time, Joshua can be found at Disneyland, taking in a hit musical, or photographing the world around him.

Kim Yacharn

Client Care Manager – ACCESS / San Fernando Valley


Kim is a San Fernando Valley native who was introduced to playing music at a young age. Music eventually became her passion and Kim followed her heart and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Audio Production, but found that although she enjoyed the field, she wasn’t completely fulfilled. Kim continued to work in the audio field until she came upon an opportunity at a small primary veterinary office, where she began as the receptionist and assistant and was then promoted to the office manager. Kim enjoyed building relationships with fellow animal lovers and immediately knew this was the industry that she belonged in.

Kim started at ACCESS in January of 2015 in our Client Care Department and briefly trained as a doctor’s assistant until we discovered her true calling as Client Care Manager. Kim is able to continue building relationships with pet owners, doctors, and now, her own staff! Growing up with pets all her life gives Kim the insight to what a pet owner is experiencing and has pushed her to make sure she can do anything to things easier for our clients and their pets.

When she’s not working, Kim enjoys reading, camping, hiking, spending time with my pups and volunteering at animal shelters. Ever, the animal lover, Kim has five dogs: Copper the Pomeranian, Murphy the Bichon mix, Lucky the Lab mix, Pocky the Min Pin and Yoshi the Shih Tzu. Kim also has a three-year-old Betta Fish, Django!

Leah Basinais, MBA

Director of Operations – ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals


Leah Basinais was faced with a serious choice at the age of 16. Summer job: a kennel assistant at a vet hospital, or a sales clerk at a surf shop. Tough choice for a teenager, but the furry friends won out, setting the stage for what would be a career revolving around veterinary medicine.

With a bachelor’s degree in biology from a tiny college in Milton, Massachusetts and a prestigious internship at the Tumor Genetics Lab in Massachusetts General Hospital under her belt, Leah returned from Boston to get married and set up a life back in Los Angeles. After a brief stint in a PhD program at UCLA in microbiology, Leah decided she was better with people than she was with nematodes.

Returning to her comfortable home as a veterinary receptionist, she rose to become a manager of a small general practice in Sherman Oaks, CA. In 2001, Leah moved to become a Hospital Administrator of a large multi-specialty hospital in Ventura, CA, where she furthered her education by completing a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialized certification in Health Care Management. She was the President of the Veterinary Specialty Practice Alliance (VSPA) and has lectured internationally.

Now a happy member of the ACCESS family, Leah is focused on operational improvement, service training, systems creation, and personnel development. An advocate for providing clients with exceptional support during difficult times, Leah is excited to help ACCESS realize its exceptional potential as a leader in specialty medicine. A mom to two gorgeous kids, Leah resides in Moorpark, with her husband of over 15 years

Raul Corral

Technician Supervisor / Purchasing Manager


Raul Corral was raised in Norwalk, California, starting his career as a veterinary assistant at the turn of the millennium in 2000. He attended Cal State Long Beach and majored in Biology. He has been with ACCESS-LA since it opened as ACCIM Los Angeles in 2005, being specially selected to join the team from the sister hospital ACCIM in Tustin.

Serving as a Emergency/Critical Care lead, Raul continued to be a valued member of the ACCESS family and transitioned to ACCESS-Woodland Hills when it opened in 2012 as the Technician Supervisor and Purchasing Manager. Raul brought with him ACCESS’s commitment to care for our patients as if they were our own beloved pets and works to ensure this sentiment is represented in all actions taken by our animal care team. Raul has excelled from leading one team in Los Angeles to all the Veterinary Technicians and paraprofessionals in the six medical departments at ACCESS-WH.

Away from work, Raul enjoys spending time with his son and family as well as getting out to the golf course when able. Raul has an extremely energetic bull terrier named Monty and has a deep love for all animals and the field of veterinary medicine. Raul’s favorite quote which he applies to his life everyday and can be seen in all that he does for the ACCESS family is “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”

Shannon Brown

Marketing Coordinator


Shannon joined ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals in May 2013 where she excelled as a Client Care Coordinator, and soon began working part time as a Doctor’s Assistant. As a compassionate, organized, and dedicated team member, she made a wonderful transition to our Marketing Department as Hospital Representative for the group.

As Hospital Representative, she worked closely with our primary care veterinarians to further relationship and provide information on our growing hospital services, attending community awareness events, and promoting continuing education for Veterinarians, Technicians, and Receptionists alike. Shannon then made the move to Marketing Coordinator, where she’s able to put her creative mind to work, creating copy for our advertisements and blogs, photographing happenings around the hospital, planning events, and much more! One of the most rewarding things Shannon finds in her job is being able to support and witness the relationships formed between our clients, their pets, and our staff as we work toward a common goal in doing the best we can for the furry, feathered, and scaled critters.

Shannon, who was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, studied Early Childhood Education prior to working as a Pre-K teacher where her compassionate nature shined. Her understanding and attentive disposition expanded beyond the classroom and crossed over to animals as she volunteered with animal shelters and rescues both back home in Pennsylvania and here in California. Growing up, her family had Great Danes, whose sweet, large ‘lap dog’ personalities surely helped spark a bond between her and animals. This includes caring for her two cats, one of which is unfortunately asthmatic, but allows her first-hand experience understanding the need for long-term medical care and those moments we have as worried pet parents.

Trisha Bailey

Hospital Manager


Trisha is a Ventura County native and joined us at our San Fernando Valley hospital in May of 2015 after working at another multi-specialty veterinary hospital in Ventura. Trisha has special training in management as well as customer service and conflict resolution. She loves being able to work in a hospital with opportunities for growth as well as a team that feels more like a family.

Outside of the hospital, Trisha enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids and her rescue dog, Kassie; and of course-hanging by the pool!


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